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So In A Nutshell, what's it all about?

"In A Nutshell" is an application that summarises an event visually by creating a storyboard of the 9 most popular images taken during that event, as selected by the attendees. Members of the album can personalise their version of events with captions, speech-bubbles and filters before posting the final product via social media. This app will be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

In A Nutshell differs from other image sharing software as it allows and encourages group input. The limit to the amount of images that can be shared and included in the final storyboard ensures that only the best moments are captured. This also reduces viewer fatigue that is evident in other applications.

In A Nutshell on multiple platforms

& how does it work?

1.) An Administrator invites friends to a shared group.

administrator friends invited by admin other friends invited by admin

2.) Each member uploads photos to the group.

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3.) The group votes on their favourite pictures.

ballot box vote

4.) The 9 best images are compiled into a storyboard.

5.) Users can edit storyboard with filters, speech bubbles and captions.

6.) The final storyboard can then be uploaded to social media.

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Meet the Team

cartoon Barry Walsh Barry Walsh


Barry Walsh has recently completed a Masters of Science in Interactive Media in University College Cork, receiving a 2.1 grade. This course combined computer science programming and multimedia. Barry has created web software and apps that are very similar to the app currently in development. Check out Barry's website to see a collection of his works.

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cartoon James Finn James Finn


James Finn has a first class honours Master of Science in Interactive Media from University College Cork. He has undertaken projects involving the development of multi-platform mobile applications using the PhoneGap framework and also has experience in scientific research. Head on over to James' website to see his interactive media portfolio.

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cartoon Simon Griffin Simon Griffin


Simon studied sociology and psychology and graduated with a 2.1 in Social Sciences from University College Dublin. He has 20 months' experience in market research, working for two companies: Millward Brown and Customer Perceptions and has also interned in 2 advertising agencies: QMP and Brian Wallace Advertising.

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